Saturday, January 30, 2010

Online Dating

I was "single and loving it" until about December. With my busy boarding school lifestyle, I have met two of my last three boyfriends online. I met Consultant Boy on and Mr. Fix-it on My match subscription is still active, so I have been working away at searching/ contacting guys of interest. I like the search feature... I have searched things such as preppy, skiing, teacher, hiking, and even grammar! I would love to find a guy who values all five qualities! However, I am being contacted by guys who are unemployed, cannot drive because of DUIs, have kids by multiple women, too young (sorry I can't be a cougar at 27 with a 19 year old!), or openly admit to needing a green card. Needless to say, this most recent online dating search experience has been frustrating. Do you all have experience with the online dating world? Advice, please?

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I'm doing eHarmony right now. I'm not really into it but I think the quality of guys is better than on match. I did a post a few weeks back abt a sale price for eH.