Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009--Did I do it?

- Finish the Master's degree
My thesis advisor never got back to me, so I am taking three courses instead. I took one in Summer 2009 and god-willing will finish the last two this summer.
- Continue to stay in shape and eat healthy meals
I am currently at my lowest weight since freshman year of high school. I am not sure how I lost weight through the holidays... but I am not complaining. I have taken a ton of Les Mills classes and have made some great friends from the gym. I need to learn how to cook more meals, does eating healthy at the school dining hall count?
- Develop my relationship with Consultant Boy
Wow, I realize this is one of my most failed goals for 2009. On a positive note, I have clarified more of what I want in a relationship and am glad for going through that process.
- Learn how to minimize stress/ people pleasing
I think anyone working in this type of economy would not accomplish this goal. I do get stressed out still, but I am not as much of a perfectionist as I used to be. However, I am majorly focused on impressing my superiors at school. I have let go of pleasing my colleagues--a liberating feeling.
- Slowly start to update things in my life- for example, I just bought a new sheet set/ duvet/ comforter because the one I had was a $30 bed in bag from Filenes...
My update has not been buying MORE stuff. I have actually sorted my things so I do not have all my clothes since high school and things I do not need.
- Take some trips- Tahoe is on the radar for March and somewhere in the summer...
I went to San Francisco and Tahoe to visit my sister. I also went to CT/ Maine frequently this summer. Labor Day Weekend was in Cape May for a wedding. In November, I went to Gettysburg to see the Cyclorama and go camping.

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