Friday, June 12, 2009

I did go to the SALE!

I wandered to King of Prussia to check out the Lilly Sale. I was in a much more frugal mode than last year and only walked out with these two things:

The things in my size were either too plain or too much like what I already have. Cheers to saving money!

However, my friend bought me this for my birthday on Sunday:

Yeah for having one more Lilly item in my closet.

Vineyard Vines... for cheap prices! has the following great Vineyard Vines deals:

$17.95 belts

$66 dress

$30 swim trunks- for Father's Day for LPP Dad!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I did not die...

Why have I not posted for so long?

Boarding school is always crazy and the end of the year the pace goes to frantic with parties, graduations, getting kids out of the dorm, giving exams, correcting exams, writing 7-10 sentences on each kid I teach/ live with, ceremonies, and faculty meetings. Today was my annual "crash day" doing almost nothing all day. It was glorious, but I feel bad I was so unproductive at the same time.

Minor detail... on June 1st my thesis proposal was due which meant I had to have all the research done and in a certain format to present to my graduate school. Of course, my advisor is nowhere to be found via e-mail or phone to approve said proposal. Grr... I guess this gives me a reason to take a little break for now.

Love Life
Here is my list for my "ideal man":

- college degree
- professional job
- does not live with his parents
- enjoys working out/ eating healthy

I am trying to stretch my comfort zone and decided the next opportunity I had to go out with a guy who did not meet my "list" I would try it. Well, that boy is Mr. Fix-it who I have been seeing 5-6 times a week for two months! He is an electrician and does not have an intense passion for exercise like I do. However, we both love the outdoors, cooking, walking, and spending time with friends. I am trying to get him to start lifting/running. It is going to be an interesting project. On top of this all, he lives in my town. So, advice for you singletons... if you think you would never be happy with a guy that drives around a pick-up truck and still lives with his parents... try it! I like Mr. Fix-it, he may not be the man I want to marry, but he is teaching me more about life and love than I have ever experienced with other guys. He is taking me away for my birthday weekend on Friday- yeah!