Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Style Writer-- my friend from high school

My friend from high school was born to be a Style Writer. He has landed a great gig at Radar Online writing about all the newest fashion trends. I am trying to get him to write an article on Lilly's big anniversary. It helps that his step-mother is Angela Moore.

Check out his page:

A picture of him with Shannon Doherty.

Some of my favorite bracelets from Angela Moore's PINK and GREEN collection!
Nice bright pink and green (would go well with Lilly!)
Classic pink and green whales

How cute!

How cute are these new kids clothes from Vineyard Vines?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ah... my trip went so smoothly and I am now camped out on my sister's couch in California. I am going to take a walk in this nice warm weather soon... I am just enjoying this relaxation for now. We have big plans for skiing, wine-tasting, and fun the next week. My sister and I bought the exact same "Everyone loves an Irish Girl" t-shirt to celebrate next Tuesday night- hooray!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Reader?

I am finally going to quit Bloglines... I can never get accurate feeds and it is just an annoying interface. I would like an interface where I can make comments easily and does not spaz all the time and list 200 posts as new for 5 of your blogs on a daily basis. Any thoughts? How do you ladies read your blogs?

PS: Can you tell I am on Spring Break and finally have some time to kill?

Ode to small airports...

I have not had the actual flying experience yet, but here is what I like about small airports (why it is worth the extra $$$).

-hardly any traffic on the way to the airport
-super friendly employees
-cheap weekly parking
-less crowds
-no waiting in line
-free Internet

I think I am going to do this more often... maybe not after my tiny connecter plane to DC... we'll see!

The Sisterly Squaw Valley, San Francisco, and Sonoma Soiree!

I am off for an alliterative Spring Break... The Sisterly Squaw Valley, San Francisco, and Sonoma Soiree! I will be going out to CALIFORNIA (perfect timing as it is rainy and 40 degrees here) to see my sister. We will be skiing in Squaw Valley, site-seeing in San Francisco, and sipping wine in Sonoma. It is going to be so fun! I am very lucky to have the time off to do this type of trip. It will be nice to see my sister and her boyfriend. It is also a bonus that my boarding school is having a San Francisco Area Alumni Dinner. Although, I am not Bay Area alumni, I happily called the Alumni Office and got on the invite list. I know about a dozen or so people who will be there. Of course, I also have grand plans to relax, work out, and work on my thesis as well... we shall see what happens!

Sobering Party

My party went off without a hitch on Saturday night! There were 5 unique chilies and plenty of laughs for all; however, there was a markedly different mood than previous years because of the economy. We have not been exempt from the economic crisis that has hit the entire nation and our boss has had to make several "tough decisions." I have been working in overdrive all winter and, for now, my job is safe. I am very thankful and it is going to be hard to say good-bye to some good friends.

Sunday was full of grading and writing extensive comments for all 60 students I teach. It was a beautiful day and I even got outside for some exercise. I went over to dinner at a friend's house. The most sobering thing happened on Monday morning when I woke up with the stomach flu. I hate the stomach flu more than anything! I had not had it in several years. I had my first food on Tuesday night.

Have fun at the Lilly/ Martha event! That show is fun... my uncle was on it last year at this time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I am trying to enjoy the winter wonderland as I alternate between writing exams, comments, and cleaning my house for the Chili Party. The no Facebook thing is working out really well. I am not as up to date with everyone's lives, but it is nice to free up some time. I am hoping all my students are studying hard for their exams. I made them review flashcards on which they love! If any of you are taking classes that require memorization of large amounts of words, make some cards on quizlet- it has been a godsend! Back to cleaning...