Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Style Writer-- my friend from high school

My friend from high school was born to be a Style Writer. He has landed a great gig at Radar Online writing about all the newest fashion trends. I am trying to get him to write an article on Lilly's big anniversary. It helps that his step-mother is Angela Moore.

Check out his page:

A picture of him with Shannon Doherty.

Some of my favorite bracelets from Angela Moore's PINK and GREEN collection!
Nice bright pink and green (would go well with Lilly!)
Classic pink and green whales


BLC :o said...

Oh how fun!!! And, I love her work. Xoxo-BLC

Cricket said...

oh i love that first angela moore bracelet - it would be a great addition to my collection!

WAC said...

Love Angela Moore! I have a bracelet of hers in black, white and silver. I really do need to ad a few pink and green pieces too.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh, how neat! Maybe he gets some freebies you could have too?! Haha! And Shannon Doherty, I love it!