Friday, February 27, 2009


We are going through a bit of a meltdown here at Casa LPP. There is one week until Spring Break and I feel as though expectations have jumped from challenging to unreasonable. If I receive any more e-mails saying AND you must do this... I may have a conniption... Already, it has been AND you must have your comments in two days earlier than you usually do, AND you must have your dorm comments in a week and a half early, AND all your comments must be LONGER and more PERSONALIZED, AND you must attend all meals from now until Spring Break, AND you must prepare each student individually for the exams, AND your exams must be written by Monday, AND you must ensure that students do not fail, AND you can not mention that a student is not working hard, AND you must do room inspection and dorm cleanup each day over the weekend, AND you must stay on campus all weekend, AND on top of this all... we are not going to tell you if you have a job next year until the end of March...

Of course, we do all of this, because "we exist here solely to please the students." Can we please the students if the faculty are stretched so thinly that we are about to rip apart, AND have so much stress that it is painful to keep a smile on my face, AND get up at obscenely early hours in the morning to write blog posts only to have to rush to photocopy, go to breakfast, room inspection, dorm inspection... all before the day begins???



Prep-E Girl said...

AND you must run quickly to Old City and imbibe the strongest martini the nearest bar creates!

How's that "and"?



Piper Jacquelyn said...

Wow, I never realized what all you have to get done before a Spring break! Ugh, sounds awful, sorry! I guess as a student you take for granted the fact that you basically pack your bags & head out of town for a week, huh? Stick with it!