Monday, February 9, 2009

Self-improvement day

In order to be constantly giving myself to others, I need to have a little self-improvement every so often. I worked out today and then treated myself to a massage at the gym. In between my shoulder blades gets so knotted up with stress, it is good to have someone else work out the tension every once in a awhile. I had an eye doctors appointment for the first time in five years (!) and came out with new glasses, etc... for only $52. I am very thankful for good health insurance. I bribed myself with a Passion Iced Tea at Starbucks to sit and grade for a few hours and then was off for a therapist appointment. I have only met with this woman a few times and am not quite sure how I feel about her. I am going to see her because I need someone to give me strategies on how to deal with anxiety and it is good to have someone to talk to outside of my friends, family, and colleagues. Overall, I am well-rested to start a, what I call, an "all gas and no brake" stretch of school until Spring Break!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Wow, you had a fantastic day! Very much so a self-improvement day. A massage after working out? I go to the wrong gym.

Pink Pearls & Muddy Sneakers said...

Just out of curiosity... how did you find your therapist? I am a very anxious person, and I think I need some strategies, rather than a prescription. I just moved, though, so I don't have anyone who can recommend someone. Did you just look on your insurance's list of providers?

Kappa Prep said...

It is so nice to treat yourself now and again!