Saturday, February 7, 2009

More garlic (and wine), please!

The students and I had a great day skiing, despite the -10 degree windchill. I am still sore- yeah! I was officially off duty this morning and went to yoga, did errands, etc... Consultant Boy called and he has dinner with his family tonight and is orienting a friend to Philadelphia who might be moving here for a job. So, despite my free weekend, we cannot hang out. Bummer! I said that he should come over for dinner next weekend (VALENTINE'S DAY). I have NEVER had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day... Now, this is when I pick up another mini-rant on the economy... He is going to be with his client (most likely) ALL weekend! Trying to save the company he is working for while securing his own job. Ugh! He said: "Maybe we will hang out in a couple of weekends, but don't worry- I will call you."

So, tonight, I cooked up a bubbling skillet of chicken fajitas with plenty of garlic and a sipping a chardonnay (I realized I almost forgot how to use a corkscrew- Consultant Boy usually does this). I redboxed two movies and am enjoying a night in with just me... for a change...

Bring on the garlic... don't have to worry about the bad breath tonight!


SPG said...

I hope you are going to have a lovely next Valentines weekend with your BF.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Boo for not hanging out on V-tine's Day! Well, you'll just have to supplement with more garlic & wine!