Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Talk

Consultant Boy has returned from Europe and I am nervous because we have not had "the talk" yet about whether or not we are exclusive. We have been dating since September and spend a fair amount of time together, despite our schedules. Consultant Boy works in Chicago Mon- Thurs and I am busy during the week as well. We see each other on weekends and keep in touch through e-mail and over the phone during the week. He basically works from 7am- midnight in Chicago doing his consulting gig. He plans very nice dates and pays for everything. For example, he has cooked me a multi-course meal complete with proper wine pairings and taken me to nice places/ restaurants. I do not know whether or not to keep on enjoying this "phase" of mystery or to come out and ask if he is dating anyone else. I do not want to scare him into thinking I am too eager about our relationship, but I also do not want him to think I am so casual about things that he can date other girls. I did not have this "talk" with him before Europe because I wanted him to enjoy himself and not worry. We did end up talking over the computer every day for quite awhile. He is back in the states and e-mailed me his photos of his vacation last night and we talked online last night. He has not set up a date for this weekend... I guess Tuesday is a little early. He said he bought me some Belgian chocolates, but did not give me a Christmas present before leaving. So, I guess I am having trouble figuring out how serious our relationship is and what to do next. I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day and don't want to mess things up with just a little over a month to go. Any feedback? Thanks!


BLC :o said...

Awe! Such a cute post. My advice for the DTR (define the relationship) talk, make it appear as though it was his idea to bring it up. Then, he can say his piece and you yours. You are clever and can finagle that. Good luck missy! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Did I mention he sounds like a catch!????

Heather said...

Hmmm, that is a tough one. I would try to ask in a way that does not pressure him - you could say that you are fine either way, you were just wondering, etc. Good luck and keep us posted.