Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Staying in

Tonight is the long awaited annual Outdoor Club holiday party. I, however, am staying in. The ice is very bad outside and normally I would tough it out, but I need to do my Christmas cards and relax. Our faculty holiday party is tomorrow night and it is dinner/ dancing. I need to be ready... it will be so fun!


suburban prep said...

Sounds wise.
It is pretty bad and pretty slow around here this evening too.
My mother is about 15 miles away from me and is tending to my two nephews who are 2 and 3. My sister had a baby yesterday and is still in the hospital. Because of the weather I have been unable to go in and help her tend to these two energizer bunnies.
Have a relaxing evening.

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

Good night to stay in. It lis snowing like crazy here!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

We have horrid, icky weather here too, so I understand the need to stay in!

SPG said...

Have fun!!!

SPG said...

Have fun!!!