Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pants I do not have to hem!

Any other petite girls out there who are tired of adding $8.50 to the cost of any pair of pants? Why $8.50? Hemming, of course! I was bound and determined to find pants that fit (chinos) without hemming or that were not capri pants to begin with. After J. Crew (too long), LL Bean (too long and boxy), Lilly (much too long and big in the hips), Gap (yes, too long), Ann Taylor (too big in the butt), and some others; I finally found the perfect pair of chinos in an unexpected place-- Ross Dress for Less. They are Docker's and are Petite Short. Yeah! They are not bad looking and for $9.99 I am wondering if Ross will get more colors in soon... Where do other people find petite pants?


Kate said...

Ok I can't find pants either and I am really tall! From what I can tell, they are making pants even longer so you are forced to wear heels. Well I don't want to be over 6 ft so I am having the same problem-can't find any good pants!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, at 5'3, I am constantly on the lookout. Usually I end up buying capris for tall people :-) I hope you get a lot of responses!

Tanya said...

How long is your inseam? If you are in the 29-30" range, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, J.Crew and Ann Taylor/AT Loft all carry petite pants. Sometimes they have a better selection online.

The thing that frustrates me is trying to find trendy jeans in petite. I like my Gap Long and Leans in 2 petite just fine, but Id love to have more options and not have to pay $35 for "original hem" alterations on a $180 pair of jeans!! Citizens does make a "petite" Dita with a 31" inseam, which for me is fine with heels but not flats.

Good Luck!