Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hire me a husband!

As a teacher at a boarding school it is very challenging for someone else to understand my lifestyle, especially when it comes to dating. Guys do not understand why I have to be in the dorm on certain nights or what my responsibilities entail. Therefore, the people that can completely understand this are my colleagues... not always the widest dating pool. Our school would like to hire teaching couples, but more single people or people who have spouses who are not teachers have been hired in the last couple of years. The natural solution, as my single colleagues and I joke, is to hire us spouses! A man came to interview today who is my age, went to boarding school himself, went to camp in Maine, and knows many of my boarding school friends. AND, he was handsome AND preppy! Ahh... this was such an exciting moment to break up the otherwise monotonous week.

In other news, my Pilates class had a 'Tini Tuesday party. My classmates made mango and pomegranate martinis, cheeseballs, white bean dip, and I made brownies... yum!


CndPreppy said...

Hey- just I'd stop by to view your blog. I really like the name, it's really cute and very orginal. About the hiring you a husband, that is too funny. Maybe the people at your work should allow you imput on the new hires. Just to make sure they are cute and have lots in common with you!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh- I hope the school hires your hubby-to-be!! And I love that you ate brownies at Pilates. Just my style!