Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life Update

LinkSaturday- I met some friends to go hiking in a beautiful area called the Pennypack Trust. The company was great and the scenery was lovely. I then locked myself into a seat in the cafe at Wegmans and finished a 10 page paper for my graduate school course I took over Spring Break. Of course, I rewarded myself periodically with sushi and even a fruit smoothie.

Sunday- I went to a place called Grounds for Sculpture in NJ and HIGHLY recommend it. It was on old NJ State Fairgrounds land and had several types of sculpture on the premises. Many of the sculptures were modeled after famous Monet and Picasso paintings.

School week- Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday have been a bit of a blur. I had a student claim I called him stupid to "create conversation at the dinner table" and now I have a parent mad at me. But, everything else is great. My international students are giving really interesting presentations on their home countries. It makes me want to travel to all of them over summer vacations. I am making Rice Krispy Treats for the lacrosse team's big game tomorrow. Speaking of, I must get off the computer and start making them!


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