Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

I was definitely a child of the 90s and Earth Day was always important to us in school. As a child, I nagged my parents to recycle and turn off their lights. Now as an adult, here is my report card on what I do to save the earth:

The good:
  • I use reusable bags for groceries (some people think I am crazy when they ask: paper or plastic? and I start packing my LL Bean Tote or Trader Joe's bag)
  • I turn off the lights in rooms at home I am not using and make sure the girls do the same.
  • Honda Civic- excellent gas mileage and I do not have a commute to work.
  • I take public transportation when I go to NYC.
  • I drink water in Nalgene bottles.
  • I recycle my cans, bottles, paper, and plastic containers.
  • I always make double sided copies.
  • My laptop uses less energy than a desktop.
  • I am going to lead the Green Cup Challenge at my school next year.

The bad:

  • I print out way too much paper for my students.
  • I take hot showers with a non low flow shower head.
  • I need to change my light bulbs to compact fluorescent ones.
  • I drive 15 minutes to the best gym around my home.
  • I do not shop for local produce (farmer's markets are too far away).

So, I still have some things to work on. Happy Earth Day!

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