Sunday, May 13, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I grew up at an all boys boarding school.
2. I went to a coed boarding school for high school.
3. I went to college in PA.
4. I have worked at 3 boarding schools in IN, NH, and now PA.
5. I like to hike and swim in the summer.
6. I like to ski in the winter.
7. My favorite classes at the gym are pilates, yoga, and urban rebounding.
8. I am only 4’ 11’’.
9. I am an extremely competitive scrabble player.
10. I have been to 19 countries.
11. I coach field hockey and lacrosse.
12. I teach middle school Social Studies.
13. I have one brother and one sister.
14. I have always wanted to run a marathon.
15. I cannot wait for all seasons of 90210 and Wonder Years to come out on DVD.
16. I refuse to pay for cable TV.
17. I do not like to use the dryer.
18. My hair looks best straightened (too bad I do not have time to do it every day!).
19. I serve as the class secretary for my class from boarding school.
20. I live for the reunions.
21. I swear by Apple computers.
22. I cry every time I watch Beaches.
23. Rita’s Italian Ice is one of my favorite treats.
24. I have to limit my Diet Coke consumption.
25. I do not start thinking clearly until 8 AM.
26. I enjoy getting pedicures.
27. I drink too much Poland Spring seltzer.
28. My favorite person from history is Eleanor Roosevelt.
29. I am slightly addicted to facebook- to keep in touch with all my old friends.
30. I went to camp almost every summer growing up.
31. I worked at a camp for two summers in college.
32. Now, I get my master’s degree over the summers.
33. I love getting up early on Sunday mornings and making my grandmother’s banana bread.
34. I look forward to having children.
35. My birthday is on Flag Day.
36. My favorite color is pink.
37. I am more productive if I do things last minute.
38. I live in a dorm with 12 teenage girls.
39. I am constantly watching my weight.
40. I love cable knit sweaters and ribbon belts.
41. I own way too many pairs of flip flops.
42. I hate the fact that PA allows smoking in restaurants/ bars.
43. I am a compulsive list-maker.
44. It takes me forever to grade student papers.
45. I have a strong desire to impress my boss/ colleagues.
46. This summer I want to paint my apartment.
47. I hate to iron.
48. My favorite piece of jewelry is my Tiffany Bean necklace.
49. I cannot stop buying new pens.
50. I try my hardest not to shop at Walmart.
51. Wegmans and Trader Joe are my favorite grocery stores.
52. My first job was a bagger at a supermarket.
53. I hated it.
54. I was born with my left eye shut.
55. I have two birthmarks on my left leg.
56. I love being tan in the summer.
57. I hate people who do not merge and cause traffic.
58. I drive a silver Honda Civic.
59. I did not get my license until a month before my 21st birthday.
60. I miss my Bunko group in Indiana.
61. I miss my book club from New Hampshire.
62. I have a scar on my right leg from falling on New Year’s 1992.
63. I own plenty of seersucker and madras.
64. I love making frozen mango margaritas.
65. I enjoy trying new recipies.
66. I wish I had time to do the crossword puzzle every day.
67. I would love to start a garden.
68. My favorite magazine is Real Simple.
69. LL Bean is the greatest.
70. I was a history and economics major in college.
71. I studied abroad in the Netherlands.
72. I love the spirit of Christmas.
73. My family begins every new year by writing compliments to each other and reading them aloud.
74. I wish more people would use public transportation.
75. I love not having a commute to work.
76. I was terrible at soccer growing up.
77. I collect coasters from around the world.
78. I hate putting together IKEA furniture.
79. I miss my three grandparents that died.
80. I love getting free shipping on online purchases.
81. My introduction to blogging was Preppy Cafe.
82. I wish it were still in existence.
83. I have a love/ hate relationship with high heels.
84. I love to get deals on clothes at the Junior League thrift store near my parent’s house.
85. I am an oldest child.
86. I have no desire to have a pet.
87. I love to get the J. Crew catalogue.
88. I did not have cavities until I starting going to the adult dentist.
89. My feet are flat.
90. My favorite TV shows are Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.
91. My worst class in high school was Chemistry.
92. I love looking through old pictures.
93. My Vera Bradley collection is a little much.
94. I only wear Victoria Secret underwear.
95. I need to leave on time.
96. I have many Longaberger products from my mother.
97. I am non-confrontational.
98. I enjoy my hair accessories from the Creative Cupcake and Chesapeake Rose.
99. I have invested a lot of my money.
100. I cannot believe how hard this was!


suburban prep said...

My sisters has a bean necklace. I have the bean ring. For my family it has special meaning because one of the sisters had cancer and she had a bone marrow transplant. She feels that each person starts out as a "bean" and she gave a bean jewelry piece to her marrow donor and her sisters.

Libby said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog today. D and I actually studied in the Netherlands too- and I spent summers at a boarding school in NH. We have a lot in common. :)

Impoverished Preppy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I enjoyed reading your list. I'm dying of curiosity here - which schools have you taught at? We have too much in common - anytime you want to drive down to WV and drink margaritas with a fellow petit prep (I'm 5' 1/2") let me know!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Just found your cute blog. Loved reading your list. I too have flat feet and a love/hate relationship with heels.

Tammy B said...

Just found your blog. I too was a history major in college. My first blog to read was "Preppy Cafe" also and I wish it were still in existance.